(The Life and Unfortunate Times of Richard Stern)

Garner Davis

Richard Stern has “issues,” the least of which involves his habit of conversing mentally with his penis, which he conveniently refers to as “Little Richard.” Like most of us, Richard longs to find his proper
place in the world, while striving for love and a bit of happiness in
the bargain. But his oblivious and easily-distracted nature, and a regrettable tendency to unknowingly voice his innermost thoughts
at the most inappropriate moments, combine with a mountain of bad luck to render those goals seemingly insurmountable.

His resulting series of misadventures run an improbable gamut,
ranging from:

• a Bar Mitzvah debacle involving a trained chimpanzee;
• an ill-timed discovery that a new girlfriend is a Nazi;
• a marriage to his soulmate disintegrating at a family orgy gone 
    awry; and
• the accidental destruction of a prized research experiment, during 
    his single, grudging attempt to babysit his niece and nephew.

Despite the constant setbacks, Richard steadfastly retains a sense of renewed surprise in the face of each successive catastrophe. Whether such dogged determination ultimately pays off remains an entirely different matter, however.

Praise for "OH NO, RICHARD!" --

Though not yet published here on earth, "OH NO, RICHARD!" is already enjoying an enormous following in the afterlife.  Hear what the dearly departed have to say about the novel:
  • "So funny, I nearly laughed my head off, again."
                                                    -- Marie Antoinette
  • "Burn me, but that Richard Stern's one hilarious son of a gun."
                                                    -- Joan of Arc
  • "Laugh out loud funny!"
                                                    -- Marcel Marceau
  • "From cover to cover, a fucking riot!"
                                                        -- Mahatma Gandhi

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