This Website Under Construction (as is the Author's Writing Career)

If this site was a movie, portions of it would probably be rated "R," due to adult language and adult themes.  There's no nudity, yet; but in the future?

Except for this home page, it's more than possible that this site, as well as its companion blog, "Stern Thoughts," may not be appropriate for all viewers.  In particular, the following persons and personalities should proceed no further, and instead should exit this website immediately:

  1. People who find offensive any joking, questioning, criticizing, or outright mocking of organized religion;
  2. People who are easily offended;
  3. People who react to seeing or hearing something they deem objectionable by a) threatening to inflict, or actually inflicting, physical harm on the person offending them, or b) hiring a lawyer to sue the perpetrator; and
  4. People less than 18 years of age, whose parents a) fall into any of the above categories, or b) would not wish them to view a website of this nature.

G A R N E R    D A V I S


Comedy, Humor, Farce -- For Adults, Definitely For Adults

Yep.  I'm an author.  Even wrote a book ... mostly.  To tell you truth, I'm still editing it, for the umpteenth time.  But one of these days, I'll be satisfied.  And then,  cross my fingers, publishing awaits!

In the meantime, my protagonist isn't interested in waiting around to have his story told.  He has a lot to say, apparently, and he's decided to say it in a daily blog.  Naturally, he thinks it's a riot.  I leave it up to you to judge.